Walcyr Carrasco

Walcyr Carrasco was born in Bernardino de Campos, in the state of São Paulo. With a primary background in Journalism, he has built an acclaimed screenwriting career in both television and theater, having published over 60 books for audiences of all ages. The Brazilian National Foundation for Youth Literature has honored its distinguished Highly Recommended label to his adaptations for Les Miserables and Around the World in 80 Days.
PETTY CRIMES, THE LADY OF THE CANDLES, THE LADY OF THE CANDLES and TOGETHER FOREVER are among some of his most famous work, having sold over 4 million copies combined and received numerous literary prizes. His intense creativity, elaborated plots and a keen sense of humor have earned him international praise. He is also a member of the São Paulo Academy of Literature.
Money, fame, success: a seemingly perfect life if it wasn’t for the nightmares afflicting Alan every time he fell asleep. A woman perishing in a bonfire, a declaration of love. This recurring tragic journey leads him into the morning. Overwhelmed by distress, he embarks on a trip to a secluded, idyllic small town. Skeptical of his surroundings, Alan refuses to believe the woman standing in front of him could be the same one who haunts his dreams every night.
Set between the present and medieval times, TOGETHER FOREVER has fascinated over 40,000 readers with the struggle of a man who must unravel his past, but not before realizing that life might begin well beyond the bounds of his own reality.

Publication/Status: by Arqueiro (Brazil) in 2013. [208 pages]
An old legend states that for every soul on the planet, there is a corresponding candle flame shimmering inside a massive cave, guarded by an ancient lady.

In order to save his beloved cousin’s life, the orphan Felipe must embark on a treacherous journey to find this woman and prevent the girl’s flame from extinguishing, an odyssey that will ultimately define his own fate.
Blending realism and magic, this fantastic novel by Walcyr Carrasco is a story about the power to change our own destiny told by characters that will stay with the reader long after the book has finished.

Over 35,000 copies sold.

Publication/Status: by ARX (Brazil) in 2006. [159 pages]
This is the funny and touching real love story between the author and his dog, narrated by both of them. Uno was a Siberian husky with whom Walcyr lived with when he lost a great love. The dog became his confidant and best friend, helping him to rediscover joy in life. With a strong personality, Uno even worked as a chronicler, writing texts – reproduced along the book – about his life for a dog journal.
Among bites and licks, AN ANGEL WITH FOUR LEGS is a tribute to man’s best friend and a delight to everybody whoever had a love as beautiful as this.

Publication/Status: by Editora Gente and republished by Moderna (Brazil); just sold to Quatro Estações (Portugal). [200 pages]