Simone Campos

Simone Campos was born in Rio de Janeiro and made her literary debut in 2000, as a teenage writer, with the novella NO SHOPPING (AT THE MALL), becoming well known in Brazil. In 2006 she published A FEIA NOITE (NASTY NIGHTS), followed by the short story collection AMOSTRAGEM COMPLEXA (COMPLEX SAMPLING) in 2009. OWNED – UM NOVO JOGADOR (OWNED – A NEW PLAYER) was published both physically and as an interactive website in 2011.
In 2014, she released the novel A VEZ DE MORRER (TIME TO DIE) through Companhia das Letras. She currently lives in California and works as a translator besides as a writer. She has B.A. degrees in Journalism and Publishing, and Master and PhD degrees Literary Theory and Compared Literature. She is currently working on her next project, an auto-fiction novel about converting to a neo-Pentecostal, prosperity-focused church as a seven-year-old kid living in Rio de Janeiro.
Lucinda is a TV producer who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Her life is shaken when she learns that her younger sister, Viviana, has gone missing in São Paulo. Lucinda goes to the police, but is met with indifference; anxious about her sister’s fate, she decides to do her own sleuthing. She’s shocked as she finds that Vivi was leading a double life: not only was she a model, but also a sex worker. She also learns that Vivi had a girlfriend, Graziane, who’s in the same line of work. Together, Lucinda and Graziane start to investigate men from Viviana’s past to try and find her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Vivi is kept captive on a farm after being kidnapped by a chauffeur to be handed on a platter to a big landowner’s son, Davi, a 25-year-old former client who says he is in love with her, but who actually has troubling motivations for his actions, which include proving to his father and friends that he’s “a real man” by showing her off as a trophy.
NOTHING IS GONNA HURT YOU NOW is a page-turner feminist thriller that alternates the two sister’s points of view and unfolds into a kaleidoscope of the oppression and violence to which women are submitted in society.

Publication/Status: Published by Companhia das Letras (Brazil) in May 2021 and by Pushkin Vertigo (UK+WEL) in February 2023 to great reception. Film rights sold to Pródigo. [192 pages]