Nàna Páuvoli

Nàna Páuvoli was born in 1974 in Rio de Janeiro. She has a degree in History and taught for many years at high school level. She began writing at age 11, competing with a friend which of the two would write the best story. There was no winner, but while her friend followed a different path, Nana fell in love with writing and never stopped again. She won awards for poetry and chronicles but feared there would be no audience for her work.
However, in 2012, she decided to share excerpts from one of her books on a site, and the success was amazing, a hit on the internet. New readers came in hundreds to the site by the day. Now she has a huge work on digital Amazon and is often seen on the best seller list of the bookstore. All her texts have a high content of eroticism.
As the daughter of a preacher man, Isabel was born and raised in a family with strict moral rules. At nineteen she married her longtime boyfriend, Isaac, together they lived a modest, smooth and sexually unsatisfactory life. The fragility of their marriage becomes evident when she begins to work for Enrico – a handsome, sensual, alluring man, who works in advertising and is Isaac’s friend. The mutual attraction is immediate, but both Isabel and Enrico have reasons to avoid the situation getting out of control.
One day, unknowingly, she looks for his number in her husband’s cell phone and sends him a message as if it was meant for someone else. Now, Isabel and Enrico talk under the pseudonyms of Sinner and Saint, without him knowing who she is, while at work they pretend to not feel attracted to one another.

Publication/Status: by Planeta (Brazil) in March, 2017.
The Redemption Series tells the story of three great longtime friends, at the moment they are around 30 years old. The first book is about Arthur Moreno, known as “Little King”, a man used to have everything his way and to manipulate women until he meets Maiana and has the possibility of redemption in his life.

The second novel tells the story of Matthew, a dominant personality, who suffers pain and disappointment when he falls in love with his friend’s girlfriend.
Then Matthew meets a woman as dominant as him, but who hides a past trauma – and they start a risky game of cat and mouse. The last book is the third friend, Antonio, forced to choose between duty and love, and who ends up finding himself challenged by his own decisions. Love, friendship, and eroticism are the ingredients of the series.

Publication/Status: the First book published by Rocco in April 2015.
Arthur Moreno is gorgeous, wealthy and used to getting everything he wants. Until he meets Maiana, a different woman from all his other conquests. He begins a hunt to win her, and when he gets it, Moreno he uses her with no pity.
But fate brings surprises. And a redemption. Amid much passion, scorn, and pain, he will discover that one can love, fall and change.
Matthew Sá de Mello is an angel. Fair, candy-eyed, a good character, handsome. But Matt hides violent passions, a great desire for domination, and he finds the perfect submissive. They meet, and he falls in love, but she is already his best friend’s girlfriend. Matt has to stay away from her.

At 30 years old, Sophia Marinho is a voluptuous brunette. After two years living in Portugal, she returns to Brazil and goes to a sex club, where she sees Matt. She wonders if that gorgeous man can be her slave (she’s a dome).
However, Sophie faces a surprise: her angel is a domineering demon, a Dom of the first rank.

And now, who will be dominant? Who will submit? Between scenes of high-voltage eroticism, fun dialogue and a close race between the two, Sophie and Matt will discover the pure love that neither of them could ever imagine, with lots of courage to face the traumas of the past. Traumas that will never be erased no matter how long their love lasts.
Antonio Zaragoza is the eldest son of a wealthy and traditional family from Rio de Janeiro. Born as the dreamed heir of all his family’s fortune, he has plans to transform his company and win the world. He thinks he controls fate up to the tiniest detail and intends to wed a beautiful lady to unite family fortunes and create an empire. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on a certain chance meeting, on withering love, on a boundless passion.
When he meets Cecilia, his world view is completely changed. He cannot do anything but go on with his plans, but he never forgets her. Years later, married, owner of an empire, even more, dominant in relation to people around him, Antonio meets her and has to pay for having betrayed himself.