Luiz Biajoni

Luiz Biajoni, writer and journalist, has published eight books. He was born and lives in the town of Americana, in the state of São Paulo, and has worked for radio and TV stations, as well as a professor of Journalism,
Television, Cinema and Literature for over 20 years. Currently, he works as Creative Consultant for different companies and as a PR for labor unions, but his literature is his major activity.
In a luxury urban building, wealthy white families carry their lives after the Coronavirus pandemic; then art dealer Carlo, a black gay man, moves to the penthouse and begins throwing raucous parties that annoy the residents. The next-door family resents the new neighbor the most. They are the widowed lawyer John, now married to Carol, and John’s daughter, Gina, 17 years old. Dr Edmundo is the owner of the Giallo building. A lawyer, he’s John’s associate and Carol’s father, living on the ground floor apartment, with control over the dynamics of the building and managing the residents’ complaints about Carlo’s parties. To deal with his anxieties and disturbing dreams, John undergoes therapy with Dr. Kerr, who also prescribes medication for Gina, who suffers from the frustrations typical of a spoiled daughter, while Carol feels trapped in this family, developing erotic fantasies non-stop.

Carlo is found stabbed to death in his own bed. The investigation into the murder is conducted by Inspector Nanete, who dates a Financial-Business journalist, a resident in the Giallo building as well. As the investigation proceeds, the reader learns about the main characters’ previous lives, including Jim, Carlo’s boyfriend,
who bonds with Gina; Deborah, employee at Dr. Edmundo’s office and John’s former lover; about an accident involving Dr. Edmundo, which killed a former employee at his law firm, who happened to be blackmailing him; and an enigmatic character who possibly had to do with the murder.At a certain point, a suicide and a confession seem to close the case, but both Nanete and her assistant Mickey suspect there is something wrong.

Around the purchase of an expensive coat, the erasure of surveillance camera recordings and the participation of Gina at a party at Carlo’s apartment, the narrative moves on to solving the case, but in the epilogue a bit of an information leads the reader to question the true authorship of the crime.

Publication/Status: Published by Rua do Sabão (Brazil) in November 2022. [168 pages]
A love story between a transgender hairdresser and a lesbian delivery girl, with Copacabana as background, Elvis & Madona is a mystery novel that challenges the limits of the genre and honors works of Brazilian noir classics such as Garcia- Roza and Patrícia Mello. It was one of the early precursors of LGBTQIA+ Brazilian literature, originally published in 2010 and released along with an awarded feature film directed by Marcelo Laffitte. For the celebratory new edition marking the 10th anniversary of the novel, the LGBTQIA+ terminology was fully revised to adapt to the recent standards, and an enlightening preface by transgender Brazilian philosopher Amora Moira was included.
Publication/Status: Originally published by Língua Geral (Brazil) in 2010. New and revised edition published by Bazar do Tempo (Brazil) and Storytel (audio – Brazil) in June 2021. [180 pages]